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As no one here on earth could.


Ariel Van De Kamp
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Spanish. Young. Red head to the bones. Loves to sing, sew, and much more thing that begin with an 's' (see 'Sleep).
Born cosplayer. Thinks her life is some kind of fairytale, and adores classic beauties such as Marlene Dietrich. Her kind of music is classical, ost's and of course, broadway musicals. A bit of visual kei, glam rock and alternative music. Takarazuka Theater kicks ass.

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Likes everything that sparkles, with or without sequins. Her cosplays are plenty of them, actually. Not interested in politics or religion. She's mainly here to make friends fangirling, make icons and tutorials, and ship ocasionally -but mainly interested in canon-. Doesn't like alcohol, tobacco, etc , but that's just about herself, you'll find she's really tolerant. Very satisfied with her life, not here to use her LJ to rant about each little detail of the day, but to share happiness and stuff with people interested on it. Sometimes her English is imposible to understand, and that makes her even more charming.

She's practically perfect, do you really need more reasons to add her? ♥

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