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As no one here on earth could.
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23rd-Apr-2020 12:26 am - Sorry :(!
Ariel sketch

But I assure you I'm really friendly, so coment and you'll probably be added :).

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Ariel Storm
(Leaving this entrie public so everybody can join the party, lol). As I promised to the lovely dinglehoppers, I'm scanning some of my TLM stuff so she can upload it to her cool TLM website 'Fathoms Below' (*SPAM*Check it out, it's amazing!*SPAM*).

So here the first batch, from the book 'Pequecuentos La Sirenita' that means something like 'Minitales The Little Mermaid', a book for babies I think, a bit short but with lovely watercolor illustrations. I'm thinking of retake my Icons community and made some with these scans, but I'm not sure :/.
BTW, I'm not translating the text because I think we all already know this story by heart, don't we? ;P

However, enjoy the scans!

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